Adding a Transformer to an Electric Fence

What You'll Need
Electric fence
Access to the electrical mains at the fence area

Adding a transformer to an electric fence is one of the most important things to do when installing an electric fence for home security. A transformer helps to regulate the power supply required for the electric fence. Although some people use it purely for home security, many people actually use an electric fence as a pet containment unit. The transformer modifies the electric current to the adjustments made on the fence using the transformer. 

Step 1 – Buy an Electric Fence and a Transformer

There are many types of electric fences and transformer products. You will want to buy one that is weather-resistant and long-lasting. Install the electric fence.

Step 2 – Adding the Transformer

A transformer box is run using the power supply. Connect the transformer to the terminals located on the electric fence. Before plugging the transformer into the main power outlet, please make sure that you do not connect the electric fence to the power without the transformer. This is because the transformer reduces the power outage from the main power source needed by the electric fence, usually from 220v to a measly 16v.