Adding Ambiance Light to Your Patio

If you want to add ambience lighting to their outdoor patio space, there are many different options available for this kind of brilliant upgrade. Regardless of the size or shape of a patio or outdoor area, some additional lighting can really show off the installation and give it a lot more functionality.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

One big choice that these exterior designers will have to make is how to create the light that will bathe the patio in brilliance. Some new types of string lighting called LED rope lighting provide an easy and attractive way to dress up a patio or outdoor space. Some of these designs have thick, durable transparent plastic sheeting that allows for use of these lights outdoors, in any weather.

As an alternative, you can find weatherized exterior lighting with traditional incandescent bulbs. Another option is to use new CFL bulbs, which use less energy and last longer than their halogen counterparts.

Attaching Lighting to Outdoor Fixtures

There are also many ways to add these different types of light to a patio. If the outdoor space includes columns, a wooden trellis, or any other similar design, this can be a unique opportunity to decorate with lighting. Otherwise, those who want to add to a simple patio can use pole-standing structures to boost lights up above ground level. For “ambience,” lighting usually comes from a variety of spots, which requires some creativity. One way to refract light differently is by using mirrors or reflective surfaces. Fit this kind of light diffusion strategy into an existing patio design.

Using Natural or Interior Light

Some designs for patios make the most of natural light by allowing plenty of sunlight (or moonlight) to filter in. In addition, many patios actually benefit from interior light that shines out through parts of a house. This can be an additional way to light up an outdoor space without having to install bully lighting fixtures there.

Tents and Lighting

If the lighting that you need for your patio is mostly for temporary events, a tent setup can be the perfect way to add additional illumination. Lighting tents with sequential rope lights or even series bulb lights is a common way to outfit an exterior space, with the additional benefit that everything can be stored away safely when not in use. Getting used to setting up and setting down these installations can take time, but in the end, a tent lighting setup offers all of what you need in a single accessible package. In some cases, lighting could be permanently fixed to the temporary structure to make setup easier.