Adding an Auxiliary Fuel Tank to a Generator

A generator.
  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-75
What You'll Need
1 marine gas tank
2 plastic marine fittings
2 brass fitting
1 marine hose w/squeeze ball.

Adding an auxiliary fuel tank to a generator may be necessary in the case when your current generator is unable to operate on its single tank. The addition of an auxiliary fuel tank allows the generator to continue running once fuel has been depleted from the main fuel tank.

Gathering Materials for the Tank

A boating supply company or store like Wal-mart carries the materials you need to build an auxiliary tank. These materials, which are used in boating, are designed to provide you with the ventilation and exhaust needed to properly transfer fuel to the generator, once connected, and avoid an explosion.

Installing the Auxiliary Tank

The installed auxiliary tank will pump fuel into the existing tank when needed. You can manually pump fuel into the tank by pumping the squeeze ball. The auxiliary tank provides a way to provide additional fuel to the generator and keep it running regularly. You can get advice and detailed instructions on installing the auxiliary tank at the marine store or any fuel supply store.