Adding Coat Hangers to Mudroom Benches Adding Coat Hangers to Mudroom Benches

What You'll Need
6 to 8 large metal hooks
1 package of long screws
Screwdriver, manual or automatic
Variable speed drill
1x4 piece of pre-cut lumber
Measuring tape
Stud finder

Adding coat hangers to mudroom benches is a great way to maximize space in your mudroom and keep everything neat and tidy. It's also very easy to do.

 Step 1 - Prepare the Lumber

Use the stud finder to find the wall studs. Then use the measuring tape to measure where the lumber will be attached to the wall and mark with a pencil. Predrill holes into the wall and then attach the lumber to the wall. Position the mudroom bench back over the lumber and attach the bench to the lumber with screws. The bench is now securely attached to the wall and won't fall over with the weight of coats.

Step 2 - Determine Where You Want the Hooks

Use the measuring place to determine the placement of the hooks. This will be determined by the height of those using the hooks. Two rows of hooks at different levels is a good idea if both adults and children will be using them.  Use the pencil to mark the position of the hooks.

Step 3 - Hang the Hooks

Predrill holes into the back of the mudroom bench. Screw the garment hooks into the wood.

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