Adding Dormer Windows to Recessed Roof Dormers Adding Dormer Windows to Recessed Roof Dormers

What You'll Need
Tape measure
2x4 lumber
Carpenters glue
Framing nails
1 1/2 -inch roofing nails
Polyurethane foam
330 grit sandpaper

Dormer windows may be of several shapes and styles. Dormers are architectural openings located on the roof of buildings, and these structures feature a rooftop of their own.  If the dormers are recessed, this means that a part of this construction is situated below the main surface of the roof. Recessed dormers are also known as inset dormers, and windows can be installed to these openings.

Step 1 – Make Measurements

Measure the dormer, and establish the approximate size of the window. Use a pencil to mark the edges of the window, as well as the opening of the window. Mark the edges and the opening on the outside of the dormer as well. You will need to use a ladder to get to the outside part of the dormer. You can skip marking the exterior, and mark the inside wall after cutting the drywall.

Step 2 – Cut the Drywall

Cut the drywall on the inside of the dormer, employing a circular saw. Follow the pencil marks. Remove the drywall and see if there are any studs on the inside. If you find studs, you need a reciprocating saw to cut these.

Step 3 – Cut the Exterior Opening

Mark the wall where you need to cut the opening. Employing the reciprocating saw, cut the exterior opening of the dormer window.

Step 4 – Prepare the Window Frame

Build your frame using 2x4 lumber. Establish the width and the height of the frame, measuring the opening in the drywall. Cut the lumber accordingly. You will need 4 pieces, 2 shorter and 2 longer ones. Put these pieces together, using carpenter’s glue and framing nails, to ensure that the frame will hold.

Step 5 – Install the Frame

Put the frame in the interior opening, and fasten it to the wall and on the studs with framing nails.

Step 6 –  Install the Window

Get a pre-made window for the frame. Measure the frame and get a window of an appropriate size. The window should be 1/10 of an inch smaller than the frame. Position the pre-made window’s nailing fins against the frame. Tack the nailing fin in 1 top corner, employing a 1 ½-inch roofing nail. Check if the window is level, and use shims as you need, to adjust the level. Tack another nail in the opposite lower corner, and check if the window is square. After making the needed adjustments so that the window is level and square, add nails to the sides, top and bottom in all holes of the window’s fins. For insulation, apply polyurethane foam in the gap between the window and the frame.

Step 7 – Paint Frame

You can paint the dormer window frame after installing the window, but you may choose to paint the frame before you fasten it to the wall.

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