Adding an Element of Surprise in the Living Room

Most living rooms have about the same elements, and offer nothing really outstanding to newcomers and visitors. Couches and loveseats, chairs, window coverings, rugs, television, bookshelf, and similar layouts may seem typical, but are necessary additions to the common areas of the home where guests spend the most time. Adding an element of surprise in the living room is a great way to make your living room really stand out.

Themes are a great way to add an element of surprise to the living room or common area of your home. With everything from classic and traditional living room furniture to trendy, modern designs, pull everything together with colors and textures that complement each other well. Choosing a theme that suits your personality, such as a Country/Western décor, will speak to your visitors and tell them something about you as soon as they are introduced to the room.

Accessorize with unique objects instead of traditional items, such as creating an art gallery in your living room or making the room feel like a theater. A living room does not have to be all about sofas and chairs, and seating can be designed from art, theater-style chairs, benches, window seats, or even large comfortable floor seating. This is a great way to make the room more memorable, and a fun place to entertain guests of many different ages.

Add an eclectic touch by mixing themes and designs together. The room can be harmonized with a unifying color or texture, but pieces do not have to belong to the same period, or even match necessarily. Let the room flow together by bringing together many different things that tell a unique story, or add the touch you are looking for. Use a wood finish, paint color, matching texture, or unifying fabric to create a beautiful living room that surprises everyone who sees it.

Create something unique in the room that is not noticeable at first, such as a hidden piece of art or sliding cabinet. Many home improvement or interior design television shows and websites feature do-it-yourself instructions for creating a sliding cabinet that appears to be a piece of artwork at first, but opens to reveal an awesome television or home theater system. Use a functional rug that folds or rolls easily to hide a dance floor, and use your home theater system to play music that is perfect for dancing and having fun together.

Adding an element of surprise in the living room does not have to suggest that you do something outrageous with the room. It actually implies that visitors may find something they do not necessarily expect in your living room, such as a themed room, art gallery, unique accessories, or customized furniture pieces. This can be a great way to make the living room feel like your home, and display your creativity and personality for each visitor, whether family, friend or guest, to enjoy.