Adding Feng Shui to a Master Bedroom Adding Feng Shui to a Master Bedroom

When you add feng shui to your master bedroom, you are arranging your space so that it is in harmony with all aspects of your life. You are creating a master bedroom that is inviting, has good energy and calms you. The following are some of the more common feng shui rules to follow for a master bedroom.


There should not be any distractions such as a television or exercise equipment in the bedroom.

Windows and Lighting

The windows should be open as much as possible to allow the fresh air to circulate in the room. You should have the ability to adjust the lighting at different levels from soft to bright depending upon the mood.

Color Scheme

A soothing color scheme for the walls and the furniture should be used. The best colors for promoting feng shui in a bedroom are the muted skin colors from off-white to rich brown.

Furniture Placement

All doors that lead into the master bedroom should be closed at night. This includes the doors to the closet and en-suite.

Rules for the bed include: it must be accessible on both sides and it should not be in line with the door. There should be a table on each side of the bed.

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