Adding Flat Roof Pitch - Is it Possible?

The first thing you need to know about your flat roof is that it already has a slight pitch, as required by law. If you decide you wish to change the pitch of your roof, you will need to consult your local building codes and acquire the proper permits.

Pre-Manufactured Trusses

People often decide to change the look of their house by changing the roof line. There are several roof types for the ambitious home owner to choose from, most of which can be achieved by using pre-manufactured roof trusses. If you cannot find trusses to fit your specifications, you can make trusses of your own. This will be difficult. Factories use a high pressure tool to install the fastener system in the trusses, installing the hardware is harder at home and requires special tools.

In order to buy pre-manufactured trusses, you must know your roof specifications. Take these specifications to the lumber yard and they will set you up with the trusses that are best for you. They will need to know how much of the roof you wish pitch, the layout of the final product and the height of the trusses. Measure everything; you cannot have too much information.

Building Considerations

When you begin to pitch your roof, you need to ask yourself several questions. Do you want to keep the existing ceiling? Are you planning on adding an attic space, or will the trusses diminish the existing space? What kind of layout do you wish? Do you want steel or wood trusses? All these questions need to be answered. You also need to consider the time of year. You do not want to begin this project in the winter. Pitching the roof will require that you expose the wooden frame of your house. You do not want the possibility of rain or snow to damage the wood and get inside your home.


Know that you cannot modify the truss system once it is installed. Make sure everything fits your specifications before you begin. Pre-manufactured trusses are easy to install. They are light weight and easy to move. While you will need a helper, the time it takes to install the trusses will be much shorter than if you had to build your own. Manufactured trusses are much lighter and easier move. Once the truss is installed you can finish your project. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, hire a contractor to help you. The contractor will know the county codes you need to follow and will help you find the best roof for your budget, aesthetic tastes and the climate.

Finished Product

Once the trusses are installed and the roof finished, you can step back and enjoy the product of your hard roof. If you planned for a new attic space, you will now have room to store all the extras you keep in the garage, or for the Christmas decorations you stuff into a closet. Rain will now run freely down your roof, instead of pooling at the top.