Adding Freon to a Car Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
A/C recharge kit

When your car air conditioner no longer seems to be working as well as it once did, the likely cause is that it’s low on Freon. Recharging a car air conditioner is a simple procedure.

Step 1 - Calibrating the Gauge

Your air conditioning recharge kit has two hoses and a pressure gauge. You need to start by calibrating the gauge. This is easy to do; simply set it to the outside temperate when you’re using it.

Step 2 - Connecting

One hose from the gauge connects to the Freon. Apart from the nut, it also contains a needle to pierce the spout. Leave this particular side for now.

The other end connects to the low pressure port on your car air conditioning system. The cap is generally marked with an “L." Clean off the cap before opening it with your wrench. This stops any dirt or debris entering the compressor. Connect the hose to the port. It should latch on easily. Turn on the car and run the air conditioning for several minutes, paying attention to the pressure on the gauge.

Step 3 - Freon

Turn off the car and disconnect the hose from the port. Pierce the can of Freon then reconnect the hose to the port. Turn the gauge to release the Freon, continuing until the pressure is as it should be. This will indicate that your car air conditioner has been recharged.