Adding Library Shelving to Your Bedroom Adding Library Shelving to Your Bedroom

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Wood planks
Wood screws
Wood glue
Wall anchors
Shelf brackets

Library shelving can be added as a practical and decorative accessory, even in a bedroom. You will not only be able to store items on the shelves, but can also add a decorative element to the bedroom's walls. Furthermore, it is easy to install the shelves yourself, and you can also build them on your own, so as to personalize and customize them further.

Step 1 - Measuring and Planning

Start off by measuring the free area you have, and decide on the dimensions of the shelves accordingly. Once you have decided on the measurements and placing, you can draw a sketch of how the shelves will be laid out or divided. Bear in mind the items you wish to place in them.

Step 2 - Building or Buying the Shelves

Next, you have to build the shelves yourself, or else order them. Basically, if you decide to build them yourself, all you need are a number of wood planks cut in the dimensions you settled upon. A basic rectangular or squarish shelving unit can be built by attaching these planks together by wood glue, and then securing them further by means of wood screws. You may wish to complement the material and color of your bedroom furniture. So, you may opt to paint the wood planks prior to building the shelving unit.

Step 3 - Installing

The shelves' installation depends on their size and weight. A basic shelving system can be hung on the wall by drilling holes and placing wall anchors inside. Then, shelf brackets can be mounted at those points so as to support the shelves. A large bookcase should be secured at the top and at the bottom.

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