Adding Porch Screens to Your Porch: 2 Tips

Adding porch screens to your porch would be an added benefit as it adds to the overall visual appearance of the porch as well as serve the purpose of protecting you against the weather. Here are some tips.

Tips for Choosing Materials

Choose a particular material that you like. Some materials are lattice work, bamboo, ready-made screens, etc. These will also depend on whether you want to install it yourself or have someone install it for you. Choose and treat the material so that it does not become weathered too soon so that your maintenance is not that much.

Tips for Installation

For easy installation, use ready-made screens which you can install yourself. These can be screens with frames which can also be folded and stored away if you so wish. If you install a porch screen with lattice, place it in such a way that you can later allow creepers to grow around it. That means you will install these at the edges of your porch. This would also be more permanent. You could also make these screens more portable so that you can move them around, especially if you need protection from the sun.