Adding Sliding Doors To A Pole Barn

Lead Image for Adding Sliding Doors To A Pole Barn
  • 6-12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 800-2,500
What You'll Need
A door mounting kit
A mounting board
Eye protection (goggles)
An awl
Drill with bits
A carpenters level
Replacement doors

Sliding doors on a pole barn add functionality and maneuverability to the entrance. Solid, dependable doors are necessary to allow you to enter and, exit the building, and when they're closed they provide a secure environment for the structure's interior and contents. But doors that open inward or outward often get in the way of the work. Installing a sliding door on your pole barn will keep the doors from intruding into the workspace. Using a commercially available mounting kit will have you opening and closing on the slide in no time at all.

Purchase a Kit
The best and quickest method toward installing a sliding barn door is to purchase a commercially available mounting kit. Construct the correct size door panels with materials bought or buy ready-made ones if desired.

Attach the Mounting Board

Attach the mounting board by firmly nailing it to the joists inside the pole barn. Make sure the mounting board is slightly larger than the door rails and that it can sustain a lot of weight when supporting the sliding door.

Assemble the Door Track
Following the manufacturer’s instructions, assemble the door track making sure all and any supports are correctly attached. Use the carpenter’s level to make sure you mark a straight line where the door track will be attached to the mounting board.

Drill and Attach
Wearing protective eye goggles, use the awl to create pilot holes in the mounting board where you will drill. Once all the holes are pre-selected, drill each and then attach the door rails to the mounting board. Make sure to use all attachment hardware that accompanies the mounting kit.

Door Assembly and Rollers

If you are building your own doors, assemble them at this stage of the project. Once assembled, attach the rollers to the top of the barn door, and if necessary, to the bottom as well if included in your kit.

With a Little Help

Here the installation calls for some additional help so invite two friends to give you a hand. Working together, one climbs the ladder while the other two support the door helping guide the rollers onto the track. Repeat this for an additional door if being installed.

Test the Door

Test the door's sliding operation. First, install stops to keep the door from sliding off the track. Install locks inside the doors and paint or decorate as desired.

This does turn into a group project so make sure before you begin to line up a couple of extra bodies for necessary help. The barn doors are extremely heavy so never attempt this do-it-yourself project by yourself.