Adding Stones To An Existing Retaining Wall

A stone retaining wall can add a dramatic look to your overall landscaping. It can be a powerful first impression to a prospective buyer or a first-time visitor. Some of the most elegant homes have a stone retaining wall on their grounds that give a great accent to the entire property.

When building or fixing a stone retaining wall, you might have to add some additional stones or make replacement. This can be due to damage or because the stones have become dislodged.

Remove Stones Carefully

Be cautious when removing damaged stones, not only to prevent the heavy rocks from falling on you, but to preserve the integrity of the wall. If you see any part of the wall above begin to move, stop immediately and move to the next step.

Secure with Brace

Once you have removed the stones, brace the hole in the wall with a length of wood or a jack.

Add Stones

When replacing stones that you have just removed, be cautious when trading the jack for the new stone. Keep in mind that the new piece may not be the exact same size or shape as the old one, so other nearby stones will shift slightly as they resettle. If you like, add smaller pieces of rock to support cracks until everything is snug and level.