Adding Stylish Backyard Barbecue Pits Adding Stylish Backyard Barbecue Pits

What You'll Need
Stone blocks
Spray paint
Pea gravel
Wood logs
Fire-resistant paint
Stepping stones

Bbq pits are a great option if you like entertaining people. You can add one in your backyard with proper planning and a little effort.

Step 1 – Choose a Suitable Spot

The barbecue pit must be at least 10 feet away from your house, deck, and any other structure. Make sure that there are no overhanging branches or electric cables over your desired location. Also, the ground underneath must be free of any electric cables, gas lines, phone cables, or plumbing. Consider the direction of the wind, to avoid placing the barbecue pit in a spot that will bring smoke to your home or your neighbor’s.

Step 2 – Mark the Area

After selecting the location, mark the center of the location you plan to dig. You can use a stake for this purpose. Cut a piece of string to use as the radius for your barbecue pit. For example, if you plan to build a circular fire pit that is 6 feet in diameter, the string should be a little more than three feet long. Use the excess string to tie it to the stake. Using the string as the radius, spray the ground with the paint to mark a circle for the outer edge of your barbecue pit. Mark an inner circle, for which the perimeter is about one foot inside the outer circle. The area between the two circles is where you will lay the stone blocks and firebricks.

Step 3 – Lay the Foundation

Use the shovel to dig out about 8 inches of soil between the two marked circles. Prepare the concrete, taking care to not add too much water. The consistency should be smooth and thick. Pour the concrete into the pit you have dug, and smooth it with a trowel.

Step 4 – Build the Wall

Mix the mortar with water until you have a smooth, thick consistency. Lay the stone blocks in the outer perimeter of the pit, and use mortar to set them in place. Use the level at regular intervals, and also use the string tied to the stake as a guide to ensure a uniform radius. Use a mallet or hammer to fit stone blocks in tight spaces. Once the first circle is complete, repeat the process with another set of stone blocks on top of the first layer. Once the outer ring is complete, create an inner circle with firebricks, using mortar to set them in place.

Step 5 – Create a Stand for the Grill

Take four firebricks and place them at equal distances from each other, inside the barbecue pit. These fire pits can act as a support for your grill. Your grill can be a wire mesh from your local hardware store, or a grate from an old cooking range. Pour about an inch of pea gravel inside the pit. To add to the appeal of the barbecue pit, you can decorate it by painting the walls with fire-resistant paint, and also place stepping stones around the pit. Place your grill on the supports, and make sure it is steady. Start a fire with wood logs or coal, and you are all set to start using your stylish backyard barbecue pit!

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