Adding Toy Boxes to Your Rooms

If you have children or have them visit often, toy boxes are necessary for storage. It is easy to coordinate toy boxes with any room.

Decorate It

Buy a plain wood toy box. These are usually inexpensive if unfinished and can be found at your local craft store. Paint it a color to accent the room you are putting it in. To make it special, add wooden letters to it with the child's name. Paint a border or use a wallpaper border around it that depicts something the child enjoys. You can also decorate the toy box to go with the decor of the room. If you are doing shabby-chic, paint some flowers all over it to complement that room. Just because it's a toy box doesn't mean it needs to scream toy box. Make it multi-functional by attaching a cushion to the top of the box so it can double as seating for the child.

Organize It

If you have a cabinet in the room, hide toys and keep them organized. There are several inexpensive plastic storage bins with lids you can buy to keep the toys organized and put away when not being played with. A closet or even kitchen cabinet can be turned into the go-to space for toys. Label with pictures and words on all the bins and separate toys by categories. This will help manage the mess. You can bring out a couple toy boxes at a time. Clean-up becomes easy because it is clear where the toys need to be put.

Think Outside the Box

You do not have to buy the traditional kid toy boxes for storage. If you have a shelf, table or desk in the room, buy some baskets to place on top. Wicker baskets are fashionable and a great way to create storage. Canvas boxes look great when added to a side table and come in many sizes, colors and patterns to go with any room. Big hat boxes can also add a decorative touch and storage. A big vintage trunk can also serve as a toy box and is appealing to look at.

Think about incorporating furniture that also offers storage options. An ottoman can double as a table and extra seating while serving as hidden storage for toys. This provides a quick and easy way to clean up before company comes--just throw all the toys in, and they are hidden. Buy a coffee table with drawers or that lifts for storage. You can also add toy boxes to existing media consoles.

Keep in Mind

When placing your toy boxes in a room, keep in mind the height of a child. If you want the child to freely access her toys, place them at a height where she can reach. If you do that, make sure the toy box is secure and will not close on top of her or her fingers. If you want to be the one to decide which toys, and how many, are out at a time, place them higher. Although it may be tempting to use plastic zip-lock bags to organize small toys, they can be choking and suffocating hazards. Instead use bins with lids or cloth bags with zippers.