Adding Windows to an Attic Adding Windows to an Attic

What You'll Need
Framing boards
A level
A hammer

Installing an attic window is a great enhancement that will increase the value of the space. Older homes usually have unfinished attic space that can be “dormered,” providing window areas to light the attic. The following should give you a good understanding about what this project entails and how you can be successful.

Step 1 - Examine Work Area

Examine the surface area of your attic walls. The amount of usable space will dictate how many windows you can install and where they will go. Make sure you take careful measurements to determine the exact size of window you can install.

Step 2 - Choose a Window

Decide what type of window you want to install in your attic room. They come in many styles and sizes. The Internet is an invaluable resource in this regard. Many websites will not only sell you the window, but provide a tremendous amount of information about the different types of windows, helping you make an informed choice.

Step 3 - Prepare the Wall Area

If sheetrock is present, remove it to reveal the empty wall area and mark off the space where the window will be placed.

Step 4 - Remove Studs

Remove any non-load bearing wall studs in your marked window area to prepare an open spot where the window will be installed. If you aren't sure you can do this right, contact a professional to answer whatever questions or concerns you have. It no makes no sense to risk the structural integrity of your home on an attic window.

Step 5 - Make an Opening

Using correct measurements, cut a window opening and prepare a frame with properly-cut boards. Keep in mind to place headers at the top of the window opening for extra support. Place the boards around the opening and secure them with nails.

Step 6 - Install the Window

Place the window you have selected into the installed frame, attaching it securely. Make sure to use shims placed in between the frame and the window to level it off. Do not begin nailing the window to the frame until making sure it is squared off by checking it with a level. Once you are satisfied, nail the window to the frame and add sealer and insulation around the sides.

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