Add Space to Kitchen Counters Add Space to Kitchen Counters

What You'll Need
Hanging wire baskets
Ceiling or wall hooks (1 per basket)
Every kitchen-implement holder known to man (or the ones that will fit)
Power drill
Screws appropriate to the wall you're drilling (or anchor bolts if drilling into masonry)
Tape measure
Material for the counter top
Left-side and right-side support hinges
Power saw
Wood screws
Two large "T" hinges

The room in your home that takes the heaviest hit is always the kitchen. And your kitchen counter space is never adequate for all your work.

But all it takes is a little Counter Intelligence to make working in the kitchen a whole lot easier.

Here are some quick solutions to help make your kitchen a bit more functional and less cluttered.

You can quickly make some space by hanging a few wire baskets over the counter, where cooking staples like garlic, onions, tomatoes can be stored and are easily at hand. They also keep fruit ripening, as well as put snacks only an arm's length away.

Feeling a little more industrious? If you have a little spare wall space, drill a couple of holes and attach a coffee mug holder or a pots-and-pans rack. Or, if you're a gadget junkie, a simple magnetic-strip tool holder will keep all your favorite knives and whisks at arm's reach. But do yourself a favor: Don't try "eyeballing" where to drill; use a level and tape measure to keep things straight.

If you're still short on work space, attaching a little fold-up work area to your counter can add plenty of extra space.

Start by selecting a material that matches the kitchen decor:

  • Size it to fit the existing counter by cutting it one-half inch narrower than the counter and no longer than that same dimension.
  • Attach it using two large (about 4-inch) T-hinges. Remember to leave a gap as deep as the new counter's width so that it lies flush when folded up.
  • Attach support hinges (like those under folding tables) to the fold-up counter so that it stays up. Now fold it up, lock the hinge out and attach its other end to the existing counter.

So, when the going gets hot and heavy around your stove, just pull up that new counter and buy yourself some extra elbow room.

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