Ademco Alarm Battery

Both the Vista hardwired systems as well as the LYNXR wireless alarms feature an Ademco alarm battery. Vista hardwired alarms feature a 12-volt, 4- to 7-amp hour sealed lead acid battery that is fully rechargeable. LYNXR wireless systems feature a backup battery pack. In either case, an additional battery will cost around $20. Backup or extra Ademco alarm batteries may be purchased elsewhere provided the voltage and amp-hour rating are the same as is required by the system.

Alarm System Batteries

Alarm system batteries provide backup power in case of a power failure. Hardwired alarm systems likely wire directly into the home's main circuit panel, as will the wireless system. While Ademco alarms are powered like other fixtures in a home, in order to continue to function in an emergency, backup battery power is necessary. The battery is usually stored in the enclosed metal box containing the control panel. This must be a secure area so the alarm cannot be deactivated.

Low Voltage Requirements

Ademco alarm systems do not require a tremendous amount of voltage for their operation. The included transformer brings the voltage down to a suitable level. If the power fails in a home, the backup 12-volt battery kicks into operation to supply the system with energy. Ademco alarm batteries are rechargeable for long-lasting use.