Ademco Fire Alarm

For an effective fire detection system, consider an Ademco fire alarm setup. Part of Ademco's Vista line of products, this company's fire alarms combine hardwired, wireless and addressable methods to provide a building with the best in fire detection. Ademco offers numerous fire alarm models, but each is designed to quickly detect smoke or heat, signal the control module and notify the buildings occupants as well as the authorities of the problem.

Fire Alarm System

The basic setup of an Ademco fire alarm system includes a control panel, the nerve center through which all localized system information passes. The controller/communicator supports a variable number of hardwired and/or wireless zones throughout a building, each of which is equipped to power multiple 2- and 4-wire smoke/heat detectors. The control panel monitors system status, battery condition, inputs from each zone and telephone connections. When an initiating device senses a problem, notification appliances or sirens sound in the building. Built-in dialers then notify the authorities.

Ademco Features

Depending on the Ademco fire alarm model, it may feature multiple user codes plus a master code, built-in LED indicators, multiple keypad support and an extensive event log. More comprehensive systems support addressable control points, CCTV applications and can identify the exact zone which sounded the alarm.