Adhesive Door Sweep vs Door Sweep Brush

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One of the many products on the market today to seal off the space between an exterior door and a threshold is the adhesive door sweep. A comparison with the more traditional door sweep brush will help bring out what is good and bad about the adhesive door sweep.

Adhesive Door Sweep

Adhesive door sweeps generally come in two forms: the form of long flexible blades that have adhesive on one side or the form of a roll much like a roll of double-sided tape. In both forms application is a two-step process of cutting the sweep to fit your door and then simply pulling off the paper from the adhesive and then sticking it to the bottom of your door. Adhesive door sweeps are easy to install and a cheap solution that will not last as long as a door sweep brush.

Door Sweep Brush

The door sweep brush consists of densely packed nylon bristles that are housed in a metal retainer that screws into the side of the door. Door sweep brushes require more effort to install. They are more expensive because they are made of better materials than their adhesive counterpart. Ultimately, the door sweep brush may be a better choice financially because the adhesive door sweep will have to be replaced more frequently than the door sweep brush.