Adjust A Metal Folding Door Adjust A Metal Folding Door

What You'll Need
Cleaning product

Instead of replacing a metal folding door, some simple adjustments might be all that's needed to keep it working smoothly. As long as you follow the steps below while taking certain safety measures, you can adjust your doors with ease.

Step 1 – Checking the Screws

Almost all of the problems coming from your metal folding door can be fixed by adjusting the tracks. First, check the screws and bolts holding the track in place. If any of these are loose, you should tighten them to prevent rattling and displacement of the doors.

Step 2 – Cleaning

The next step is to make sure that dirt and grime are not interfering with the metal folding door. You should try and clean out any visible debris inside the tracks and on the rollers to solve this problem. Debris inside the tracks can be a significant cause of resistance when the metal folding door is moving along them. To prevent any further problems, you can also lubricate the tracks.

Step 3 – Alignment

The third step is to check the alignment of the tracks. You can verify that the tracks are aligned properly using a level. This means to check both individual track alignment and alignment between the tracks (they should be at the same height).

Step 4 – Check the Hinges

The next step is to check the hinges on your metal folding door. Make sure that they haven't shifted over time and that they are secured tightly. If you need to tighten any screws, you should do so while the door is down to prevent any possible injuries.

Step 5 – Check the Springs

Finally, check the springs fastened to the sides of your metal folding door. Make sure that all of the screws are tight. You should also check that the springs are properly aligned with their holes in the door and not jutting out at odd angles. If they have shifted, simply re-place them above their holes and screw them in tightly.

Adjusting your metal folding door does not need to be a complicated and costly project. If you follow the steps above you should be well on your way to identifying and fixing the problem with your doors in no time.


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