How To Adjust A Garage Door Opener

Adjust garage door opener when your door is not working properly. There are certain components of your garage door opener that need adjusting to ensure that your door functions safely.

Things on Your Garage Door Opener That Need Adjustment

  • Limit
  • Force
  • Safety reverse

Step 1-How to the Limit

Turn the adjustment screw on the limit clockwise if the door doesn't fully close.

To open the door completely, adjust garage door opener by turning the limit counterclockwise.

Step 2-How to Adjust Garage Door Opener Force

If your door doesn't rise at least five feet when it is suppose to be opening, hold the bottom of the garage door while it is lowering. This will adjust the open force. For a door that doesn't reverse while closing hold the door as it opens to adjust the down force.

Step 3-Adjust the Safety Reverse

Use a piece of wood to stop and reverse the door, if the door doesn't reverse increase the down limit with a clockwise, one quarter turn.