Adjusting A Block Plane

A block plane is a tool that is used to even wood surfaces on items like doors and cabinets. It has a sharp blade that occasionally needs to be adjusted in order to apply the correct angle to cut the flat surface of the wood.

Blade Placement

The angle of the blade in a wood block plane should be between 25 and 30 degrees. You can check the degree of the blade by using a protractor, which is a geometry tool that shows degrees of angle.

Once you have determined that the blade angle is correct, you can place the blade in position. Unscrew the cap that holds the place.

Carefully place the blade into the block plane. Then replace the block of the plane and screw the blade into place.

Adjust the blade as needed to make sure that it is correctly placed. The edge of the blade should be barely visible along the edge of the plane. Once the blade is correctly adjusted, use a screw driver to fully tighten it into position.