Adjusting A Porch Swing To Fit

What You'll Need
Drill, drill bits and drivers for the bolts you are using
Lag bolts and Brackets (if needed)
Hanging Hooks (if needed)
Tape measure
Bubble Level
Marking pencil
Stud finder
Ladder or step stool

A beautiful porch swing is great for relaxing afternoons with a glass of homemade lemonade. Having the appropriate porch swing frames needed for your porch is the beginning to a nice relaxing evening with a cool breeze and your favorite book.

The key to having a great porch swing is to have the ideal adjustment of your porch swing. This can depend on the height of your porch ceiling and any obstacles that may be in the way (i.e. design details on the porch). It will also depend on the height of the people who will be using the swing. A happy medium will need to be reached so that each person can swing comfortably.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Make sure you have all of your tools gathered. The last thing you will want is to be in the middle of your project only to find out that you are missing an important tool and you have to stop to get it.

Step 2: Measure The Swing

Measure the width of your swing and make sure that there are studs the same distance on the ceiling of your porch. If the studs are not visible, you may need to use a stud finder to make sure of where the studs are located. You need to make sure that you have something substantial to put your bolt or hooks into or the swing will not have the proper support.

Step 3: Mark And Drill

Mark where your bolt or hook holes will be. Make sure they are straight. When you have the marks exactly where you want them, pre drill your holes. This will help keep the holes clean and help prevent the wood from splitting when installing the bolts or hooks.

Step 4: Install Hardware

Install the hardware that comes with your swing. This could be a hook system or brackets and lag bolts system. Make sure everything is secure and straight.

Step 5: Hang and Adjust

Hang the chains of the swing to the support. The chains will need to be adjusted to make sure that you have achieved the right height and the swing is level. The height should be adjusted so that you can easily swing without dragging your feet across the floor; but you should still be able to easily touch the floor. Use a bubble level to make sure the swing is level after each adjustment.

A porch swing can be the perfect spot to enjoy cherished memories that will last a lifetime.