Adjusting an ATV Snow Plow

a bridge covered in snow

If you live an area with harsh winters and a lot of snow fall, an ATV snow plow can make quick work of clearing snow from driveways, sidewalks and even shorter lengths of road in front of your home or in your neighborhood. You can use a snow plow to level dirt, grade a path and for other purposes but to get the most out of your snowplow, you'll need to adjust it so that it will operate at peak efficiency.

Adjusting the Snow Plow

When adjusting the blade of your snowplow, one of the most important adjustments will be made at the blade stops, or the little round rubber stoppers that are attached to the blade. Every so often, you will need to make sure the blade is at the desired angle and make sure the nuts and bolts are thoroughly tightened and have not come loose.

Also, adjusting the blade position may be required for certain types of jobs. Adjust the blade by a removing the angle retaining pin and then adjusting the blade into position and reinsert the pin. Once you have the blade in the desired position, make sure to use the chain and hook attached to the pin to secure it.