Adjusting Kitchen Island Carts

White kitchen island with two stools
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-500

A mobile kitchen island is a great idea for many kitchens lacking a huge amount of space.

Therefore, since space is limited, using a cart that can easily be either pushed out of the way into a storage area when not in use, or perhaps a folding cart that can be tucked away, is a great choice.

Even better, kitchen carts that have adjustable components allow for increased efficiency.

When adjusting kitchen island carts, make sure you have a model that has the necessary components to make it a versatile and valuable kitchen aid.

1. Shelving

kitchen island with seating and shelving

Carts with removable shelving that allow for changing heights between levels offer you the opportunity to change the storage area when your needs also change.

Adjustable shelving with a pull-out design is a good idea when looking at kitchen island carts.

Sliding a shelf out to access items stored will not only help save time but will be less of a strain on your arms and back.

Some adjustable shelving has the ability to firmly secure items stored, but can be completely removed and placed on the countertop for easy access. For example, a spice rack or utensil holder.

2. Removable Top

Select a kitchen island cart that includes a removable top like a butcher block. Removable tops are great, especially when it comes time for cleaning.

Also, when using a removable chopping board top, cut up food items can easily be transported directly to an awaiting pot or other container in your food preparation process.

A removable top will also allow for the interchange of surface areas that are designed for different tasks.

At one point you may need to perform cutting and chopping tasks. Later on, you can remove the cutting board top, replacing it with one designed for rolling out dough for baking needs.

A kitchen island cart that allows for adjustable tops becomes an incredibly valuable tool when you think about the many kitchen tasks that call for different types of surface areas.

A wood top is great for cutting, but plastic or metal tops have their place too.

3. Adjustable Wheels

butcher block on a kitchen island

The wheels or casters on your kitchen island cart should be adjustable as well.

Since you'll be working frequently, exerting pressure on the cart moving objects off and on, you need to purchase a model with good locking devices on the wheels.

These should be easily adjustable using your foot to press down on a locking latch.

The latch needs to be strong enough so the cart doesn't move while you put any pressure on it doing a normal kitchen chore.

These wheels or casters also need to be removable for either maintenance (cleaning) or necessary replacement when worn or broken.

Make sure when purchasing a kitchen island cart that it accepts standard wheel or caster replacements available anywhere.

Some kitchen island carts have adjustable electric power cords to plug into your available kitchen outlet, so decide if that’s a priority to you.