Adjusting Mood Lights for Jetted Tubs

Adjusting mood lights for jetted tubs is an essential skill for any tub owner and user. We all have different moods and the jetted tub lights should change with them. Follow the simple steps below to make it happen.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Remote control (if applicable)
  • Wall-mounted light switch (if applicable)

Step 1 – Check that the Lights Turn On

For the remainder of this guide, use the appropriate controller for the mood lights of your jetted tub. Depending on what you purchased or what came with the package from the manufacturer, your controller may be a remote control or a wall-mounted light switch. First and foremost, make sure that the lights work. Use your controller to turn the lights on. At this point, it doesn’t necessarily matter what color or colors are displayed, as long as the lights are activated. If you’ve pressed the “On” button but nothing happens, it probably has to do with the ground fault wiring. Check that it’s connected appropriately. You may need to reset the ground fault.

Step 2 – Check that the Lights Function Properly

When you turn the lights on, pay attention to whether they’re performing as they should be or not. In certain modes, it’s normal for the lights to continuously change color, as a type of light show, instead of being fixed as 1 color. It’s also normal to see a plain white light, before your lights display the last saved light feature. What isn’t normal is if the lights are flickering or abruptly shutting off for periods of time. If you notice anything atypical, such as the previous examples, check the connections between the lights and the junction box. The junction box should be located beside your jetted tub, outside of the water. Also, check the connections between the light and the switch. The lights should be receiving AC power.

Step 3 – Choose the Mode

Your lights should have different light show modes, and fixed color modes, depending on the tub light manufacturer. Use the controller to cycle through the different modes. There are 2 possible ways you can choose the light mode. With a wall-mounted switch, you’ll have to switch on and off, until you reach the mode you desire. For example, for the sixth mode, you’ll need to flick the switch six successive times. Your underwater mood lights should have come with a list of the possible alternatives you can choose, which will correspond to how many times you need to flick the switch. While you’re flicking the switch on and off to cycle through the options, the lights may not illuminate at all, but know that this is normal. Since the area will be dark, make sure you have separate lighting around the jetted tub, so that no one accidentally gets hurt while you’re changing the mode. With a remote control, each of the modes should have its own button. All you’ll have to do, is press the appropriate button to set the right mood. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the mood lighting in your jetted tub.