Adjusting Your Shower Curtain Rod Adjusting Your Shower Curtain Rod

Adjusting your shower curtain rod is easy with an adjustable shower rod. The rod is made of brass tubing with a diameter of 1-inch and comes in various finishes. Most of them come with wall flanges and ceiling supports which can be adjusted for your convenience. To prevent scratching of the wall, the flanges are made of rubber. The rods are available in various shapes and sizes, making adjusting easy to achieve. Curved, U-shaped or D-shaped curtain rods are ideal for corner showers and also convenient as they can be adjusted accordingly.

Adjusting Your Shower Curtain Rod

Simply insert the rod into both ends of the holder and fit onto the 2 desirable opposite spots on the wall. Depending on the shape and size of your shower curtain rail, you should be able to adjust the rod either by extending or reducing 1 or both ends.

The adjustable tension shower rod is also convenient for adjustment purposes. You can increase the tension of the shower curtain rail by turning the larger holder. A smaller size of shower rod can be easily obtained by trimming the rod to desired size.

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