Adjusting Your Silk Drapes to Let in the Most Light Adjusting Your Silk Drapes to Let in the Most Light

Silk drapes are not only beautiful to look at, adding richness to your interior space, but they are functional in allowing for privacy and letting sunlight into your house.

Types of Silk Drapes

Silk drapes come in every color of the rainbow and with pleated tops or tab tops. If you intend to use a chord to open and close them, pleated tops are best. If your window is narrow, then pulling them together in the middle to close them is sufficient and accommodates the tab top style. If you have door drapes, consider silk drapes that allow a rod to be placed at the top and bottom of the panels to keep the bottom of the drapes from getting caught in the door.

Sheer Vs. Opaque Silk Drapes

How you want to use your silk drapes will determine whether you choose a sheer, light-colored drape or a dark, opaque drape. Sheer drapes allow light to come in whether open or closed. They still provide a degree of privacy, but not as much as opaque drapes. Conversely, opaque drapes provide more privacy but let in less light when they are closed. Decide how your drapes will achieve both the look you want and the degree of privacy and light penetration you desire for the room.

Adjust Your Silk Drapes

Once you hang your silk drapes, arrange them to let in the sunlight. Sheer silk drapes will need little adjusting. In fact, you can keep them across a front window to provide both privacy and allow light into the room. Darker silk drapes can be pulled to the side and left to hang loosely. Depending on how the sun hits your window, you may pull all the panels to one side. You can also use a curtain tie to secure your silk drapes at the sides of the window. Or, leaving the drapes closed, you can bind them in the center of each panel with curtain ties to allow light to filter in from the sides of the window while still partially covering the window as well. This is a helpful technique for door drapes with top and bottom rods. Tying the drapes in the center allows more light to come in without disturbing how the panels are attached to the door.

So Many Tie Backs

If you decide to use tie backs to allow the most light in through your silk drapes, you will need to choose a style that matches your décor and the drapery fabric. There are a wide variety of possibilities to choose from, including tassel tie backs, rope tie backs, lace tie backs, matching fabric tie backs, ring tie backs, beaded tie backs and metal tie backs that attach directly to the wall. You can also get creative and make your own unique tie backs.

How you adjust your silk drapes to let in light will depend on the direction sunlight comes in the window and the style you want to achieve with the drapes during the daytime.




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