Advanced Mini Metal Working Lathe Projects Advanced Mini Metal Working Lathe Projects

Most consider metalworking as a hobby and knowing how to do advanced mini metal working lathe projects is the start of something big for a metalworking hobbyist. There are many things you can do with a mini lathe once you know how to work it such as making new tools. Many metalworking hobbyists like to dismantle metal parts of any objects such as a broken radio or an unused car piece. However, nothing can be made without a lathe. There are many types of metalworking lathes but a mini lathe is usually considered a smaller version lathe known as a 7 x 12 mini-lathe. Listed below are amongst the many advanced projects many metalworking hobbyists can initiate in their very own home workshop.

Homemade Rotary Table Dividing Head

A rotary table is a tool used in metalworking to position the precision of the tools that are needed. A rotary table dividing head enables one to initiate regular work on metalworking precision without the use of index plates like many normal rotary tables are equipped with. To make a homemade rotary table dividing head, it takes a lot of patience and requires a lot of spare part materials. However, a commercial rotary table costs a lot. One can save a fortune by making a rotary table instead.

Novel Brass Torch

A brass torch is easy to make and it is also light to carry. All one needs in making a brass torch is some round brass bars thick enough to fit one LED. Once the brass bar is being cut into its desired size, a hole will be drilled from the center tip of the brass so that an LED could fit nicely in. The LED is only set into the bar once it is tested. If all goes well, the end of the brass bar is enclosed with a battery that is inserted after the LED and closed with a cap that will act as the switch.

Brass Egg Cup

An egg cup is usually used when serving half-boiled eggs and rather than spending a few dollars on such items, metalworking hobbyists might find it more rewarding when making their own brass egg cups.  It is money saving and since brass does not rust, it is also healthy. Brass egg cups too can contribute into keeping the environment safe as it is long lasting unlike the normal plastic egg cups that can contribute to global warming. Brass lasts long and since it does not rust, it is not easily spoiled.

Homemade Model Rocket Motor Nozzle

If one is more ambitious and adventurous, they can actually dive into making a rocket motor nozzle. One must start with the type of material that needs to be used and because rocket motors produce strong heat, steel is the best material. Manipulating steel requires a lot of work because when compared to other metal materials like aluminum and brass, steel is a very solid metal. Metalworking hobbyists need to have a lot of patience when handling with steel.

It is such an amazing wonder to know that the costly metal products sold in commercial stores when many, who have the passion to work and redesign metals and unused spare parts, could make such products right at the back of their house. All they need besides the raw materials, the spare parts and some basic hardware tools is a mini metalworking lathe that costs less than a normal lathe but can do the same amount of magnificent wonders with.

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