Advantages and Disadvantages of a Metric Drill Advantages and Disadvantages of a Metric Drill

A metric drill is a power tool that holds drill bits to bore hole on surfaces. They can be cordless with rechargeable batteries or can be plugged in convenience outlets. Drill bits used are specified in metric units (example 0.5 mm diameter, 2.0 mm diameter) but drill bits in English specifications can also be used. It has a chuck section where the adjustable chuck jaws are located. The adjustable chuck jaws can hold different sizes of drill bits.

Metric vs. English System

Actually, drills can hold both the Metric and English System drill bits. Officially, the Metric System is considered worldwide as the standard measuring system. But in the United States of America, the English or Imperial System is still widely used.

Metric System as the Globally-Accepted Measurement Standard

Tool companies around the globe have embraced the Metric System so almost all tools have metric specifications. Because reading measurements in metric is easier than the English system, proponents for standardization of measurement in the Metric System have campaigned vigorously that it be accepted by those still using the English system.

Most of the drill bits in the market now are specified in the metric system. They are in abundant supply and are available to the smallest millimeter size. Nuts and bolts are now popularly manufactured in the metric system. They can be found as components in almost all equipments, appliances and motors. The corresponding drill bits for these nuts and bolts are mostly available. Depending on one’s location, a metric drill comes very handy because drill bits for them are always on sale in hardware stores.

Conversion of Units

The only setback you might have is when you are using metric drill with metric drill bits and the specification is in the English system. Then you have to do some conversions so you can get the exact diameter in millimeters of the bit you are going to use. If the nuts and bolts available are in the English system then doing some simple conversions are also needed if the tools used are in metric. Some standard conversion units are:

  1.   1 inches = 2.54 centimeter   3.28 feet = 1 meter = 1.09 yards    0.62 mile = 1 kilometer

Using Power Tools Anywhere

The metric drill is a power tool with adjustable chuck section that can hold different sizes of drill bits depending on the maximum opening. Both Metric and English drill bits can fit here depending on the diameter of the hole to be bored. So, whatever dimensions you are boring, the drill bits in both Metric and English System can be used.

In most part of the world where the Metric System is used, measurements and specifications on plans and designs are now standardized so the tools that you will need will likely have metric specifications. For Western countries using the English System, knowing conversion formulas will solve the problem of knowing what the rights size of drill bits is to be used.

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