Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Granite Paint

If you’re considering using granite paint in your home decorating scheme, you need to know a little bit about the product and its limitations before you set to work. Granite paint is designed to mimic the look of natural granite. However, it isn’t actually as durable as granite, so bear this in mind when using it.

Don’t Use Granite Paint for High Traffic Areas

Granite paint isn’t a particularly good choice for high traffic areas in the home such as stairways or hallways. It’s a product that is prone to crumble over time so it's best to avoid using it in places where a constant stream of hands are likely be passed over it. 

Porous Materials and Granite Paint

Although it might seem logical in theory to paint over cement with granite paint in order to achieve a stone-like effect, this rarely works in practice. The textured nature of the paint can clog in the pores and cracks of the concrete and you won’t achieve a desirable finish. You would also need to use a lot of product as concrete is notorious for sucking in paint. If you want to avoid a blotchy effect, don’t paint concrete with granite paint.

Granite Paint and Moisture

Painting with granite paint in a bathroom, shower room or kitchen should be avoided. The paint isn’t particularly water-resistant and while the effects might look impressive to begin with, it won’t be too long before the walls become marked and the paint starts to absorb water and flake off. In rooms where a wipe clean surface is required, granite paint is not a good choice.

Granite Paint and Smooth Dry Surfaces

Granite paint is ideal for painting living room and bedroom walls. Remember, this sort of paint is an effect paint rather than one designed for durability or being easy to clean.

Granite Paint Is Permanent

Granite paint isn’t easy to remove once applied and as it is textured, it’s not easy to paint over. Be absolutely sure that you are happy to painting your walls with this product before going ahead and opening the can. If you make a mistake and need to remove granite paint from a wall, it is sometimes necessary to use a sander to remove it. This is quite a task so it cannot be stressed enough that you really need to be certain that you can live with it.

Easy to Use

Although granite paint is somewhat limited, in the right circumstances it is ideal for simulating a stony look. It’s easy to use and can be applied in much the same way as regular wall emulsion. Drying times are standard. It's favoured by those who like a contemporary feel or a traditional, natural look. Use paint brushes or paint rollers to apply the paint. Because the final results of granite paint are natural, it makes a good cover for walls that are less than perfect. A matt finish disguises any inperfections in working surfaces most effectively.