Advantages of a 3 Blade Ceiling Fan System

A ceiling fan.

When you choose a ceiling fan for your home, consider the blade count. There are many advantages to having a 3 blade ceiling fan as opposed to fans with more blades. This article will explore what makes the 3 blade ceiling fan the best choice.

Added Value and Aesthetic

Enhance the aesthetic of your home with a ceiling fan. If you have wooden floors, a ceiling fan with wood accents would complement your decor. If you have brushed nickel fixtures, consider a brushed nickel fan.

Inexpensive Operation

Central air conditioning is popular because it is inexpensive to run and service. A ceiling fan can further reduce the cost. If you are running traditional air conditioning you will notice that using a ceiling fan will decrease unit use. This is because you can adjust the speed of the fan and they need very little power to operate.

Air Distribution

The blade rotation of a 3 blade ceiling fan is the minimum you need in order to properly circulate air through the home. Air distribution goes hand in hand with saving money on electric.

In the wintertime, several ceiling fans working in unison will circulate the warmth throughout the home. This means you can turn the heat off sooner, thus saving you money. The reverse applies in the summer months. In the fall, you can leave the windows open and the ceiling fans will draw in the air and circulate it. Research has proven that the use of a 3 blade ceiling fan will lower the temperature of a room by a minimum of 4 degrees.

Dynamic Blade Balance and Rotation

When you purchase a ceiling fan that has 3 blades, as opposed to 4 or more, you are getting a fan that is perfectly balanced. Even though this does not sound like much it adds up in pennies over the course of a year. When a ceiling fan is balanced properly it means that it takes much less power in order to rotate the fan blades. The less power that the ceiling fan uses equals the more money that the ceiling fan will save you in the long run. Air conditioners will run for shorter periods of time, as will heaters.

3 Blade Ceiling Fans Are Cheaper

When you are out looking to buy ceiling fans you may be tempted to purchase the fanciest fan you can find as long as it matches your decor. There is also this notion that bigger is better but this is not so for ceiling fans. A 3 blade fan not only runs with less power but costs less to buy. Manufacturers rely on the "bigger is better" as a selling tool in hopes that a buyer will purchase ceiling fans with 4, 5, or even 6 blades. These cost much more than a 3 blade unit, they are also not properly balanced and cost more to operate.