Advantages of a Butterfly Leaf Table Advantages of a Butterfly Leaf Table

A butterfly leaf table has the leaf storage inside the table itself, as opposed to a regular table where the leaves are stored separately in another location.

Some of the advantages of a butterfly leaf table are simplicity of design, space saving and ease of use. There is only one leaf, but it is typically wider (18 to 20”) than regular leaves (about 12”) and adds additional space for two or more people to dine comfortably.  

During normal everyday use, the leaf is tucked discreetly and safely under the table top. When expansion is needed, a simple pull on one end of the table reveals the leaf, which is folded down off to one side. The leaf opens like butterfly wings (hence the name) and pops up to align snugly between the two sides of the table. This ease of use is especially convenient for those who live alone and don’t have anyone to help carry and insert the heavy leaves that other tables require.

Space saving is another wonderful advantage of the butterfly leaf table. Like any other expanding table, the butterfly leaf table can be kept in its smaller state until the leaf is needed, but there also is no need to store the leaf in another location, saving valuable space for other items.

These tables come in various sizes, each with a possible 18 to 20 inch expanding ability. Depending on what size is needed for everyday dining determines the size needed when the leaf is not in use.

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