Advantages of a Concrete Block Garage

Having a concrete block garage is becoming increasingly popular since there are many advantages linked to such a garage. Here are some of those advantages.

Durable Construction

A concrete block garage is durable and won’t be affected by rain and other weather conditions. It is also fire resistant and won’t be exposed to rotting. Concrete is one of the most durable materials available, and having such a garage is a practical choice.

Energy Saving Option

A concrete block garage is more energy efficient than garages made of wood or other materials. The concrete will keep the garage at a constant temperature at all times, so if you use air conditioning or heaters, they will consume less energy.


The concrete block walls are airtight, which means that the space will gather less moisture, so there won’t be molds or the need to use an air dehumidifier.

Termite Resistant

Many garages built of wood may be prone to termite attacks. The concrete won’t be a target for termites.

Design Flexibility

Building a garage with concrete blocks will give you the flexibility to design the garage any way you want. You may decide on the size of the garage, according to the space you have.