Advantages of a Salt Finish on Concrete

To finish concrete with one of the most decorative and practical finishes, you might want to try a salt finish.

Cost Advantages

One of the more common advantages to this finish is its competitive cost. There is very little additional material cost needed to give your finished concrete the appearance you get with this finish, just a sprinkle of rock salt. Needed labor involves very little more than does the more common "finish brooming."  Equipment required is nothing more than a roller to press the salt into the wet concrete.


Preparation for applying the salt finish is minimal and involves mostly taking care during bull floating that all lines made by the float are removed. There should be no lines in the salt finish. Concrete workers need only to broadcast the rock salt, in addition to making the standard joints. Other than this, there is little more work involved in the salt finish process than in the traditional finishing process.

Needed Skills

Few additional skills are needed by the concrete workers to apply the salt finish. The only skill required is that of broadcasting the salt by hand. This technique requires little experience or training, especially by the worker who already has experience broadcasting dry-shake color hardeners.