Advantages of a Sedum Roof

Having a sedum roof is a great way of decorating your roof. Additionally it provides a number of benefits from a practical point of view. Basically a sedum roof refers to a roof which is covered with a waterproof membrane with sedum placed on top. This enables sedum plants to grow. For this reason a sedum roof is sometimes also referred to as a green roof or a living roof. Creating a sedum roof has a number of advantages as we shall be describing below.

Pleasant Environment

Needless to say, a sedum roof looks really beautiful. It has a decorative benefit which is relatively easy to obtain. The plants are strong enough to enable people to walk over them.

Environmentally Friendly

The plants will help the environment by reducing pollutants in the air and giving oxygen.

Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of a sedum roof is the fact that it is quite easy to maintain since the plants which grow are perennial and shallow rooted.

Reduces Water Run Off

A sedum roof will provide the advantage of reducing water run off from your roof after rainfalls.

Better Temperatures for the Building

The main benefit of sedum roofs is the fact that they greatly help to regulate the temperature within the building. There is a good tolerance to the extremes since the plants will take up most of the coldness from frost, snow and wind, and also reduce excessive heat. This will evidently lead to energy savings.