Advantages of a Shed Dormer

A shed dormer is a windowed section of a home with a flat roof that is sloped at a shallower angle than the home’s principle roof. There are several advantages to adding a dormer to your home.

Adds Visual Value and Space

A shed dormer is made by raising part of the roof to give more room to the home’s second floor or attic. The dormer adds both additional room and more light through the window in this raised area. It also adds a 3-D touch to the outside appearance of a home, giving it an extra flare instead of just a flat looking surface.

More Room Space

If you build a larger sized shed dormer onto your home, it can give you the additional space to form either another bedroom or den area. If this type of dormer is desired, more windows are added and additional space on the existing roof is removed so that bigger walls can be built for the dormer portion.

Shed Dormers Add Light and Save Energy

The addition of a dormer will add more light to your home’s upper rooms. If you put several small dormers along the top of your home and put a window in each one of them, it will help make the top rooms in your home less dark, without the need for electrical lighting. Shed dormers can save you money, as well as providing more light.