Advantages of a Side Mount Garage Door Opener

Features and benefits of a side mount garage door opener fit the look, feel, design and functionality demands of an old door or a newly remodeled one.

Ease of Installation

Installation takes less time than any other conventional door openers. The side mount garage door opener even provides no overhead obstruction; it is placed just either at the left or at the right side of door. There is no need for rails to hang. Just mount it on the wall and attached it to the torsion bar.

Structural Integrity

Remember that if you cut the drywall, you are not only violating the house code, but you are also destroying the effectiveness of the firewall. Since you do not have to cut into the beam to install this door opener, you are giving no harm on the structural strength of your home.

Ease of Operation

Side mount garage door operator works on residential and commercial sectional garage doors. It opens the garage completely and quietly. Thus, it also fits on low beams or cathedral ceilings.

Ease of Maintenance

This type of opener is also easy to maintain. Lubricating it would not drip oil on the floors. You don’t even need to adjust the door due to cable stretch.