Advantages of a Two Handle Tub and Shower Faucet Advantages of a Two Handle Tub and Shower Faucet

If you are considering the purchase of faucets for your bathroom and are trying to decide between a two handle tub shower faucet or a one handle faucet, the following information will provide you with information on the advantages of a two handle system.


A two handle faucet system will allow you more control over the water temperature than a single handle faucet will. With two handles you can more easily adjust the total volume of water that flows from the faucet, as well as controlling the individual volume of hot or cold water.

Leaking Faucet Problems

If your bathtub or basin has 2 faucets, and if  one of those faucets--let's say, the cold water--begins to leak, shutting off the water to that faucet won't affect the flow of water to your hot water facet. This will allow you to continue to use the working hot water faucet until the leaking faucet is repaired.


Generally, two handled faucets are also better marked as to which faucet is for cold water and which is for hot water. This makes it easier to avoid the mistake of turning on the hot water when you meant to turn on the cold water.

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