Advantages of Aluminum RV Rims

Not long ago, RV rims were made exclusively out of steel. Recently, however, many new RVs have come off the assembly line with aluminum rims equipped. These rims are generally more expensive, but here are some advantages of using them: 

Better Handling

Aluminum itself is generally lighter than steel, so it's not surprising that aluminum wheels can be as much as 35 pounds lighter than traditional steel wheels of the same size. Using lighter wheels can reduce the gross weight of the RV which in turn enhances the handling of the vehicle. A lighter vehicle also means a higher power to weight ratio which will improve the acceleration and deceleration of the RV. In addition, lighter vehicles put less stress on the tires that carry them. This helps vehicle owners to squeeze the greatest amount of life out of their tires before having to replace them.   

Stronger Construction

Whereas steel RV rims are constructed by a method that involves welding stamped steel, aluminum RV rims are either cast or made from forged aluminum turned on a giant lathe. The result is a rim that manufacturers claim has better heat dispersing capabilities and is rated for higher carrying capacities.

Smoother Ride

Because aluminum rims are usually made from one piece of forged aluminum that is turned on a lathe, without any welding involved, the circumference of the rim is almost perfectly true. This near-perfect circumference results in a much smoother ride as the wheel turns.     

Better Gas Mileage

Lighter weight and a smoother ride go hand in hand with better gas mileage. Because the RV engine will not have to work as hard to carry its load, it will not have to burn as much fuel to get from one place to another.