Advantages of an Above-Ground Pond

An above ground pond can be a great alternative to the traditional in ground pond construction.

Why Choose Above Ground

There are several reasons that ponds may be built above ground. The advantages of above ground ponds are that you can still have a pond, even if these conditions exist in your yard.

If there are too many trees to dig a hole for a pond, then going above ground is a great solution.

If the water table is so high in your area that digging a pond would lead to unwanted water under the liner, then go above ground.

Others choose above ground because they are in a home temporarily, and can’t disturb the landscape.

Landscaping Advantages

An above ground pond gives you lots of landscaping options. You can build up rock walls around the pond, or use cinder blocks disguised with plants.  

An above ground pond is a great place to put a waterfall water feature as well.

These ponds fit very well into a rocky or hilly landscape, where you may not think you could put a pond.

Beauty and Comfort

Above ground pond can be constructed to include seats and plant holders along the edges. This makes them a lovely place to sit while admiring decorative vegetation.