Advantages of an Exterior Steel Door

The increasing popularity of an exterior steel door has caused an increase in production of them throughout the world. Many common issues can be resolved by installing new metal doors into new construction projects, or even replaced into older homes. Many businesses have used steel doors for years, and as they became more widely known by the public, private houses have begun installing them to replace the older style wooden doors. There are numerous advantages that can be associated with the metal door. Besides the fact that they are very stylish, safety and energy efficiency are drastically increased when they are installed. The exterior steel door is also designed to have a long usable life, which will cut costs even more, because it will never have to be replaced.


One of the biggest advantages that can be obtained from installing an exterior steel door is safety. Many neighborhoods have problems with thieves breaking in, as well as other criminals that have worse ideas in mind. A steel door is much harder to gain access to, unless the proper keys are used. There is no chance that the lock can be quickly drilled out, and there is absolutely no way that the steel door can be forced open by pushing or ramming on it. Even though a good thief can gain access to any type of door, they prefer to leave steel doors for last, because they will take them substantially longer to gain access through. The steel door was originally designed to protect the investment of local business people, and as such they have been converted over for private use with the same ideas in mind.

Energy Efficiency

An exterior steel door will also increase the energy efficiency of the home or business. As the years go by, more and more people are becoming more energy conscious. An exterior steel door not only prevents the outside conditions from getting into the building, but it blocks air from escaping out. The steel door is made in such a way that it is effectively 1 solid piece, thereby eliminating the drafts that occur when using an average wood door. And since the inner sections are insulated, they are able to withstand great temperature differences between the interior and exterior of the home. This fact alone causes many home and business owners to switch over to them, because of ever increasing heating costs.


The final advantage that an exterior metal door offers is a longer life. Steel is designed to stand up to normal wear and tear, weather, age and even abuse, and most manufacturers now offer to add a coating to the outer surfaces, which dramatically increases their weather resistant benefits. Most home and business owners do not want to have to contend with replacing damaged doors. Even though a steel door can be damaged, more often than not the door will never have to be replaced within the lifetime of the owner.