Advantages of Basement Recessed Lighting

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When renovating your basement, recessed lighting is worth considering before beginning the electrical work. The many advantages of recessed lighting are particularly appropriate in a confined basement space. Read this article to better understand the benefits of recessed lighting for your basement.

Basement Recessed Lighting Saves Space

One of the biggest advantages of basement recessed lighting is the space it saves. Basement rooms generally have lower ceilings, so a standard ceiling fixture may hang too low, causing you to bump your head. Even a small fixture may extend too far into the room. It presents a safety hazard.

You Can Create Spot or Ambient Light

Another advantage of basement recessed lighting is the ability to install it in locations that will add spot or ambient lighting to highlight areas and define space. Most recessed lights have a lens that allows you to direct the light in a certain direction, giving you the advantage of task lighting. You can use this to highlight art work, seating areas, a card table, or a staircase.

Basement Recessed Lighting Uses Lower Wattage Light Bulbs

You can also use lower wattage light bulbs in recessed lighting, which saves both energy and money. What's more, the recessed light fixtures themselves are usually lower in price than a standard ceiling fixture. Finally, recessed lighting works equally well with any style and decor, offering great versatility.