Advantages of Concrete Slab Jacking

Slab jacking is a process you may undertake to make deteriorating concrete slabs look great once again. Slab jacking can smooth out and realign concrete slabs that are uneven, broken and trailing off or even slightly askew. Below you will find information regarding the advantages of slab jacking that will help you decide if it's a viable alternative for your situation.

More Cost Effective than Replacement

When you have to replace a concrete slab there is a lot of time that goes into it as well as money. Measurements have to be taken; forms created and concrete bought and poured. Slab jacking can be done by drilling holes through the concrete slab and injecting mud through it to the void below the slab. The mud raises the slab until it is even and then sets.


Slab jacking can be completed in a few hours instead of a few days if you had to replace the concrete slab.

No Permits

When you have to replace a slab of concrete you may need to acquire a permit. You do not need a permit for slab jacking.


Mixing and pouring concrete is very dirty whereas slab jacking is clean and efficient.