Advantages of Flexible Copper Pipe

copper pipe

The 2 types of copper pipes are rigid copper pipe and flexible copper pipe. Copper pipes are a popular plumbing choice for both professionals and homeowners, as they offer various advantages over other types of plumbing pipes. These pipes were introduced during the 19th Century, but gained popularity during World War II. This article discusses some of the advantages of flexible copper pipes.

Ease of Use

Flexible copper pipes are bendable, versatile, and easy to work manipulate. These pipes are resistant to corrosion and very durable; moreover, they can also be set in concrete.

Variety of Sizes and Shapes

Copper pipes can be manufactured in different sizes, making them suitable for use in many applications. As copper fittings can be easily soldered and brazed, they can be transformed into different shapes if needed.

Reduction in Costs

As flexible copper pipes are easy to handle, the time taken to install them is also minimal. Copper pipes can easily be installed through narrow walls and floor spaces. That lowers the overall cost of installation; moreover, realtors say that copper pipes increase the resale value a home.

Safety and Hygiene

As copper pipes do not contain any lead, they ensure clean, safe, and healthy water. Water from these pipes does not pose any health risks; moreover, copper is biostatic. That means it does not allow bacteria to grow. These pipes do not release toxic gases in the event of a fire.