Advantages of Flow Control Valves in Your Faucets

Flow control valves are often misunderstood by homeowners as not worth installing. Today, these flow control valves contain many built in features that carry with them several advantages for homeowners and do it yourselfers. 

Money Saving Advantage

One of the biggest advantages of a flow control valve in your home faucets is the money saving feature. Today's technology has made it possible for flow control valves to maintain the same pressure while using less water. This means that you save on your water, and sewer bills. 

Water Saving Advantage

As more and more people are driving towards a greener lifestyle, flow control valves are an important part of that process. These valves have the potential to conserve up to 85 percent of the water that we use. This means less demand on the water supply, especially during rather dry seasons. 

Easy to Install

Do it yourself handymen can easily install flow control valves on their faucets without calling in a plumber. Most valves connect directly to faucets at the point where the water line connects. With the use of simple hand tools like pliers, installation is simple and mess free.

Clog Free Design

Flow control valves are built today with a simple clog free design. Water deposits, particles, and even rust will not stop the rush of water.