Advantages of Glass Block Basement Windows

Using glass block basement windows can improve your home in a number of ways, including adding a special design touch to your basement areas, as well as lowering the costs of utilities and maintenance.

Lower your Energy Costs

Using glass block basement windows will cut your energy costs, as most basements have aluminum windows that lose air to the outdoors during all seasons. These types of windows will seal your basement area shut from indoor and outdoor temperature effects that may otherwise be pulled into your basement.

Increased Security

The design that is used in glass block basement windows makes them impossible to get through by someone trying to break into the basement. They are solid materials once installed and are mortared into your foundation wall, making them impassible.

Improved Privacy

The surface of glass block basement windows is a bubbled glass, which lets light in, and keeps eyes out of your basement. They work great for basements that face the street to add privacy to that side of your home.

Reduce Maintenance

As glass block basement windows are of a solid, and stationary material and design, once installed they remove the standard required maintenance during seasonal changes. This means you don't have to shore up your windows before winter to make your home energy efficient, like old traditional windows.