Advantages Of Growing Yellow Daisy

Yellow daisy, also called euryops or Bush Daisy, is a great plant for your garden. Its advantages include being an attractive perennial plant, low maintenance, quick-growing, heat tolerant and growing well in containers.


Yellow daisies will provide an eye-catching contrast in your garden. It has pretty green foliage, lacy leaves and flowers that are bright yellow and abundant. It is a perennial, so it will keep coming back year after year with flowers that bloom nearly year-round.


Yellow daisies are virtually maintenance free. The plants like good drainage and full sun. To prune, simply trim off the old, spent flowers and any dead leaves.

It grows quickly, going from a small potted plant to a full shrub in a year or so. Dwarf sizes are also available. It can be propagated from stem cuttings and is available in most garden centers in the spring.


Yellow daisies tolerate heat and drought. If your plant needs water, it will tell you: its foliage will wilt or droop. It will also survive a brief period of frost.


Yellow daisy is a great container plant. If you have some in pots, you can place them in your garden wherever you’d like a nice highlight of yellow.