Advantages of Installing Round Stairs Advantages of Installing Round Stairs

Installing round stairs, either interior ones or on the exterior of your house, can be an expensive improvement that has to be planned well, budget wise; however whether it is a simple utilitarian spiral staircase or a complex free floating elegant design, the advantages and the end result could well outweigh any misgivings.

Home Improvement Strategy

A spiral or circular stair case will add elegance and ambiance to any property and this will result in added value if you should want to sell the house in the future. These staircases can be also added to your deck or near the swimming pool and really enhance the surroundings. They also can be built outside a two story house so you can go directly to the second floor without using the front door. This is especially useful if you need to keep the privacy of the lower floor. Needless to say, the house will look more interesting and eye catching and it is also useful if you need to get out of the house in a hurry like in a fire alarm.

Materials used

Round staircases can be built from a variety of materials; metals such as steel, stainless steel, wrought iron and aluminum; or wood, such as oak, mahogany, maple, cherry and laminated pine. These types of wood can also be used for outside staircases, if the wood is treated to withstand weather conditions. Thus any staircase you decide to build will fit your needs and the home's interior or exterior design. The materials used can be combined for a really unique result. Staircases of glass and stainless steel are a real eye catching example of such a combination, and will be a stunning main feature in a room with a modern decor.

There are also round stairs built from logs if you want to go really rustic or have a rustic type of house.

Space Savers

Round staircases add a sense of space in an otherwise tight and cramped situation. There are stairs that arrive into a tight spiral which is usually utilized where there is little space to spare.

Beautiful but Tricky

These types of staircases are not recommended for the elderly and small children as they are a bit tricky to maneuver, as it also tricky to move heavy pieces of furniture between floors if you want an interior stairs. You would have to maneuver the furniture through alternative routes like through a window. In some countries there are various regulations on the way spiral staircases are built in new buildings, and also certain regulations control domestic ones, always with safety as a priority.

Choosing your Round Staircase

There are various staircase manufacturers which you can consult online. Kits are available that allow you to install the stairs yourself. Always consult with an expert regarding how to measure and whether the place you have chosen for your stairs is adequate for what you have in mind. It will save you money if you buy direct from the factory. Always check that your round staircase is build according to safety regulations and, if in doubt, check with a building expert.

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